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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Zebra Publications

The first line of DC Comics reprints by Zebra Publications started in September 1954. Five titles were produced - each ran for only seven issues. The titles in English were: Action Comics, Superman & World's Finest Comics. The titles in Afrikaans were Mantelman (Batman) and Kongo Koot (Congo Bill). Colour covers, with black & white interior. Zebra also produced some reprints of the Classics Illustrated books in full colour.

Mantelman 1-7:

Kongo Koot 1-6:

Superman 1-7:
World's Finest Comics 1-7:
This is the cover of Walt Disney se Pinokkio (Sebra Uitgawe 1956, Afrikaans translation):
This is the cover of Walt Disney se Sewe Dwergies (Sebra Uitgawe 1955, Afrikaans translation):
Covers of the "Beroemde Verhale" reprints of Classics Illustrated titles, printed in 1950:

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