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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Photo Story Magazines 4

Thanks to Koos Papenfus for these great scans of rare Photo Story Magazines from his collection.

Contact Koos if you have any for sale or swop:

Koos Papenfus
PO Box 463 Rayton 1001
cell 0833274269
Fax to mail 0867144924
Zelna Dia 4 (Zelna Dia - The female version of Mark Condor. Story of rich SA Businesswoman fighting the baddies) and 
Die Wreker 23 (Die Wreker (The Avenger) - Typical SA cowboy photo story of a bowl hat wearing cowboy helping those in need in the fight against criminals of the the time):
 Woman in Love 17 (Woman in Love - Mills & Boon type aimed at female readers) and
Wild Cat The Hell Rider 15 (Wild Cat the hell rider - Wild biker action with hero Cat Coogan fighting the baddies and doing daring bike stunts):
 Ware Liefde 66 (Ware Liefde - Typical Mills and Boon Stuff) and                                                       
Verdwaalde Harte 135 (Verdwaalde Harte - The Dominee was played by Frikkie Grobler now 70 years young and residing in Durban. The series was very popular and ended at issue 303):
 Venus 1 (Venus - Sci-Fi written by Henk Goosen. A strange light from outer space took over the body of Venus Immelman and turned her into killer) and
Tessa/Kid Colt 48 (Tessa & Kid Colt - Double book photo story featuring the beautiful bikini-clad Tessa fighting crime for a security firm and Kid Colt - stories from the American West):
 Die Swart Luiperd 195 (Swart Luiperd - Featuring Baron Rolf du Plessis cowboy crime-fighter on the ZAR goldfields in the 1890's. The character was created by Braam Le Roux as a Tarzan style jungle hero with a mask and 2 leopards at his side. The photo story was however a cowboy story. I suppose cowboy stories were probably more popular than jungle stories at the time) and
Die Swart Luiperd Reeks 9 (front cover of the original Swart Luiperd in storybook format published in 1948):
 Dr. Conrad Brand 193 ( Dr Conrad Brand - with Chris Bezuidenhout and Dennis Beamish as the actors who played Dr Brand) and
Dr. Marshall Kirk 2 (Dr Marshall Kirk - was more action-orientated hospital Doctor series):
 The Eagle/Rider For Justice 14 (Rider for Justice & Eagle - This is a very scarce double book. Rider is the English version of Ruiter in Swart and Eagle the English version of Arend van die Oerwoud) and
Eerste Liefde 15 ( Eerste Liefde - popular Afrikaans love stories):
 Fotoroman 16 (Fotoroman - Photo story with well known SA actor Leon Le Roux on the cover. Leon was well known in Afrikaans action movies Die Kavaliers and Krugermiljoene) and 
 Secrets 72 ( Secrets - SA photo stories translated Italian for the SA market):
 Die Geheim 34 (Geheim - Afrikaans translation of SECRETS) and
Ruiter in Swart 295 (Ruiter in Swart - Played by actor Vonk de Ridder who also appeared as Arend van die Oerwoud, Eagle and Rex Bullitt. As a matter of interest his wife Elize van Rensburg played in the photobooks Tanya die Vegter . Zorro-type stories. Ruiter was published in English as Rider for Justice):
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  1. do you know if Braam le Roux is still alive? or if there are other links to photo comics?

    1. Braam le Roux died in the mid sixties , the writer who took over from him to write the swartluiperd books was meiring fouche.

  2. Hi Kay
    No idea. You could try contacting Koos Papenfus (See Photo Story Magazines article 3 for his details) - also there is more info here:

  3. Does anyone remember the skimpily-clad enchantress 'Sinna', who lived in a cave?

  4. i have lotsa tessa books really old , would like to get rid of them. how much are these comics worth nowdays?

    1. Hi
      I am happy to help - simply e-mail me for further information:

    2. Hi

      I am looking for Tessa books if you have.

      contact me on; baronkzn@gmail.com

      Love to hear from you.


  5. Hi Braam le Roux has passed on a long time ago. He was a great writer and taught a lot about writing photo mags.

  6. I am looking for Tessa, Mark Condor and Captain Devil/Saboteur books please. Does anyone have for me?

    Please contact me on: Baronkzn@gmail.com

    I will privately tell all.

    Take care all.

  7. Does anyone have "Die Mes" books?

  8. Does anyone have 'Don Le Meer' books?

  9. I have Don Le Meer from one upwards.

    contact me at williame@dteea.fs.gov.za

  10. Hi, looking for old photo story like "see, melody, Tessa, etc... contact rexyafrica@gmail.com

  11. My mother acted in a couple of Dr Conrad Brand books, as well as my uncle. My gran had these but she passed away 30 years ago and I dont know what happened to them. If I can find ONE with my Mom in I would be happy. Is there any way I can trace these?

    1. Hi Rea

      I'm doing research for a film and would like to speak to someone who was involved in a local photo story's production. Would love to speak to you. Please send me an email to dewittclaudia@gmail.com so that I can send you some of my question.

      Kind regards


    2. Hi Claudia
      Mike Oosthuizen might be able to help:
      George (Creator)

  12. Hi could you please scan in pages from inside these books as opposed to just the covers? :-) I'd really like to see some of the frames. Thanks! :-)

  13. Hi, I am looking for Tessa, Kid Colt, Dr Louise, Double Feat etc... I can be contacted on 073 404 2923 call/sms or email at m.visram@yahoo.com Thanks

  14. Does anyone know the cast of "Ruiter in Swart" comics.I am trying to find out if Fransisca (Fransie) du Plessis is still alive. I am sure she would be 80 by now. du Plessis was her maiden name and Coetzer was her married name.I'm not sure which name she used. This was around the 1960's. If anyone knows her. Please message me on 083 259 3806

  15. Hi, does anyone have Don Le Meer books for sale?

    1. Hi Sean. There are quite a few for sale on www.bidorbuy.co.za. Ciao.

  16. My Mom acted in "killer" the Apache and Lone Wolf. I acted in "Tessa and Sister Louise" (as a kid) .. ;)
    Charles "Tessa"s brother is looking for any "Tessa" books... as she 'passed' two years ago.
    You can contact me on paolayudi@yahoo.com

  17. Hi there,

    I have been trying to get this puzzle resolved by myself.... but.... can anybody please assist... My mom played a rol in this old foto mags ... she however cannot remember the name of the mags but she was featured in the magd...Aaaawh I would love to get hold of the mag/s.... She remembers Gof van die skerpioen as well as Satan se dissipels... Please can anybody help me.


    1. My contact details... jedidja365@gmail.com

  18. Sorry.. Gif van die skerpioen