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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Photo Story Magazines 3

Thanks to Koos Papenfus for these great scans of rare Photo Story Magazines from his collection.

Contact Koos if you have any for sale or swop:

Koos Papenfus
PO Box 463 Rayton 1001
cell 0833274269
Fax to mail 0867144924
Die Arend van die Oerwoud 16 (Arend van die Oerwoud or The Eagle - The actor being Vonk de Ridder who also played Ruiter in Swart or Rider for Justice as it was known in English) and  
The Bandit!! 4 (Bandit - Typical western series with Mexican-American border as background. El Lobo is a Bud Spencer type playing the fighter for justice): 
 Beau The Untamed 26 (Beau the Untamed - Played by Beau Brummel who was well known for his role as in the movie THREE BULLITS FOR A LONG GUN) and
The Big Iron 35 (Big Iron - Played by Des Gayle, it was a series for motorcycle men with wild woman and wild bike action):
 Bowman 6 (Bowman - Tony Bowman was an Olympian archer. His family got killed by a mad Cuban and he took the trial of revenge) and
Chunkie 11 (Chunkie - Was a man with a telephone connection in his pocket that could reach the mayor or the police chief. He had friend that stayed in the sewers called Sewer Sam):
 Circus 3 (Circus - Great though short-lived series involving Boswell Wilkie Circus) and
Conrad Volta - Operation Q-14 (Conrad Volta - Typical sixties espionage stories in the days when Q agents became known in SA):
 Dr Gyor Tzarov - Die Dokter uit Rusland 4 (Dr Gyor Tzarov - The actor was Martin Pols who became well known as Mark Condor) and
Rex Bullitt - Hunter of Men 1 (Rex Bullit - The actor was Vonk de Ridder who left this short lived series to become the RUITER IN SWART):
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  1. Love this. I used to read Big Iron avidly. Congratulations for putting this together

  2. If anyone is interested in these old books you can contact me on William@dteea.fs.gov.za

  3. Hi,

    I'm looking for Tom Cannonball magazines.

  4. My dad, Vic Hodoul, acted in one of these types of mags- does anyone have any info you could share please?

  5. My dad, Martin Boshoff also acted in one of these books.cant remember the name or year as i was very very young or perhaps not even born yet..i just remember that he showed it to me when i was about 10yrs old...any information would be appreciated please. Email me on sheila.erasmus28@gmail.com