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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Classic English Comic Strips

Thanks to Koos Papenfus for this great selection of English Comic Strips (some original South African, some imported).

AXA (imported from Britain - by Avenell & Romero) from Sunday Times 28/09/1980:
Brick Bradford (imported from the USA - by Paul Norris) from Sunday Times 20/07/1969:
Cleo the Cat (original South African comic strip by Lencel, aka Jannie Celliers):
John Graydon (original South African comic strip by Ivor van Rensburg) from Sunday Times 20/07/1969:
Just Nuisance (original South African comic strip by  Leslie Steyn and Ivor van Rensburg) from Weekend Argus 17/05/69:
Kruger Park Capers (original South African comic strip by Keith Stevens) from Sunday Express:
Mandrake the Magician (imported from the USA - by Lee Falk) from Sunday Times 20/07/1969:
Mebosfontein (original South African comic strip by Abe Berry) from Outspan 09/12/1955:

Stroppie's Lot (original South African comic strip by Peter Ogilvie & Carel Birkby) from Sunday Times 20/07/1969:
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