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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Zebra Publications Kongo Koot 4

Zebra Publications were the first to reprint DC Comics in 1954.
The English Titles were: Action Comics, Superman & World's Finest Comics
The Afrikaans translations were issued as " 'n Sebra Uitgawe ":  Mantelman (Batman) and Kongo Koot (Congo Bill).

This is Kongo Koot 4 from December 1954. The cover image is taken from the splash page of the first story. It reprints and translates the following stories:
Kongo Koot: "Die Groot Katte" = Congo Bill: "The Big Cats" from Action Comics 148 (1950)
Manie Morgen: "Die Sigeuners van die Ruimtes!" = Tommy Tomorrow: "The Gypsies of Space"  from Action Comics 148 (1950)
Volstroom Venter: "Elba Elsie se Wraak" = Full Steam Foley: "Shanghai Sheba's Revenge"

Cover of Kongo Koot 4 and DC Comic's original cover of Action Comics 148:
House ads for Mantelman 4, containing the stories:
Mantelman met Robbie Die Wonderkind: "Misdaad bo die Wolke!" = Batman & Robin: "Crime above the Clouds" from World's Finest Comics 47 (1950)
Die Groen Pyl: " 'n Swaard, 'n Geweer en 'n Pyl en Boog" = Green Arrow (unsure original story)
 Back Cover ad for Kellog's collectable cards:
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