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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Jeugland was an Afrikaans Magazine for children, published in 1947. It contains Afrikaans comic strips by some of the pioneers of the medium in South Africa.

Issue 1:
Daan Donsies en Hendrik Horrelpoot by JH Rabe
Kiewiet die Klong by JH Rabe

Cover of Issue 1:

Issue 2:
Nikodemus by Geovanne
Knapsak en Klonkie by AP Du Toit

Issue 3:
Spies die Speurder by Dave Macgregor
Jan Rap by JH Rabe
Die Verborge Skat by JH Rabe

Issue 4:
Willem Wagter by AP Du Toit
Piet Pote by JH Rabe

Cover of issue 4:

Issue 5:
Mazimba die Waterman by AP Du Toit

Cover of Issue 5:
Issue 6:
Die Kampioen by AP Du Toit

Issue 8:
Oom Piet Vertel by Wolf von Loeben

If anyone has any issues of Jeugland - please contact me. 

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