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Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Published between 1976 and 1978 were Afri-Comics. Distributed mainly in Soweto. Created by Richard Manville who sold the idea to SA media man J. van Zyl Alberts who published them. Printed by XANAP by Albert's friend John McGoff.
Titles included Mighty Man, Tiger Ingwe and African Secret Agent. Other strips in Mighty Man were "Sister Mercy" and "Jack - Wonder Boy - Masala".

A Mighty Man film was made in 1978, directed by Percival Rubens. 

Other Afri-Comics Titles:
Tales from the Witch-Doctor's Cave:

Shaka's Love ~ Pampata:

See also Nick Wood's article: 


  1. does anyone have a complete set of Shaka's Love - Pampata.
    Contact me at Rambanedt@gmail.com

  2. I wrote some issues of African secret agent..these books were packaged.by John albano of dc comics and the art was by various Philippine artists..the funny thing is in 1981 I met James bond director John glen..and he was stumped to write an opening for the James bond film octopussy..i basically rewrote one if my stories for African secret agent...he lived it and it became the opening for octopussy..and later they used the rest for tomorrow never dies..

    1. Great - do you have any copies of African Secret Agent - I need cover images for my archive.