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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Phantom

Thanks to Phantom Collector Marko for these scans. This is a comic book from the 1960s starring The Phantom (by Lee Falk & Wilson McCoy) and Rip Kirby. It may have been reprinted from a newspaper strip. It was printed and published by Kingsway Printing Co. and distributed by Cape Magazine Co. (who were great distributors of USA comics in later years).
This comic is 48 pages Black & White, 20.5 x 23cm.
Translations of the Phantom were published for many years in Afrikaans newspapers in South Africa, titled "Die Skim".
If any collectors have any more of these strips in English or Afrikaans, please let me know. Or contact Marko at:  markodav2003@yahoo.com
Here are some scans:


Thanks Marko for this recent Phantom comic strip from a South African Newspaper - published in Afrikaans as "Die Skim".
Another "Die Skim" strip from Rapport 20/10/1991:

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