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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Afri-Comics Mighty Man 3

The third issue of Afri-Comics Mighty Man, published by Xanap in 1976.

Mighty Man battles "Diamond Dan", a Tsotsi controlling an Illegal Gambling Business.  Diamond Dan hires two hitmen "The Death Brothers", who use knives to murder their prey. Mighty Man easily overcomes them.

Next Diamond Dan hires expert sniper "The Specialist" (who walks around with his pet cat on his shoulders!) to take out Mighty Man. The Specialist misses his target on a few occasions.

Mighty Man explains how dice games are rigged, to cheat players at illegal gambling joints.

With Mighty Man hot on the tail of The Specialist, he ducks into a house and takes a family hostage. Mighty Man crashes through the wall to capture The Specialist. The story closes as Mighty Man hands Diamond Dan over to the police ... and finishes the tale with the words "Crime Doesn't pay!"

 2 further stories:
Cedric "Sugar Ray" Xulu - 2 page story on the Soccer star.
"The Bird that stopped talking" - 2 page African Folk Tale.

No Creator credits listed in the magazine. 

Cover of Issue 3 and Ad for Hit Magazine:
 The Title Page shows "Editor Simon Sabela", and Mighty Man Splash Page:
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