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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Supercomix Mickey Mouse Series

A range of Supercomix Mickey Mouse Comics published in South Africa between 1978 and 1984, reprinting Gold Key/Whitman's Donald Duck series (1978-1980 issues).

Covers and original Gold Key/Whitman Covers (issue numbers in brackets). Where I am missing the Supercomix cover, I have included the most likely Gold Key/Whitman Cover used.

1 (193):
Irene Cara Poster from this issue:
2 (196):
Peter Gallagher Poster from this issue:
3 (197):
 4 (198):
 5 (199):
Nolan Sisters Poster from this issue:
 6 (200):
 Charlene Tilton Poster from this issue:
 7 (201):
 The Commodores Poster from this issue:
8 (202):
Willie Aames Poster from this issue:
9 (203):
 10 (204):
 Lee Majors & Farah Fawcett Poster from this issue:
11 (205):

12 (206):
 13 (207):
Tina Turner Poster from this issue:
14 (208):
Harrison Ford Poster from this issue:
15 (209):
 16 (210):
 17 (211):
Kurt Russell Poster from this issue:
18 (216):
19 (217):
20 (218):
21 (199):
 22 (186):
 23 (187):
 24 (188):
 25 (189):

26 (190):
 Sea Monkeys ad and Morgan Fairchild Poster from this issue:
 27 (191):
 28 (192):
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1 comment:

  1. Thanks a lot, I loved the Micky Mouse series when I vsited South Africa in the 80s as a child, I appreciate these comics as they published all theses hard to find and fantastic Paul Murry Stories. I still own a few Supercomix as I am collecting Mickey Mouse from all over the world. It's a pity Supercomix with their very good artwork and ocus on one lenghtty adventure story do not exist any longer in South Africa. It's the same with Don Mickey in Spain. Abolished. I have got even a Micky Mouse magazine from Egypt and Chile.Congratulations for your fantastic website! Could be that I will send you a few scans of other titles (Supergoof) at the end of the year. Best regards TillPhilip