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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Afri-Comics Mighty Man 14

The fourteenth issue of Afri-Comics Mighty Man, published by Xanap in 1977.

"The Night Thieves": Mighty Man has to solve a case involving a string of mysterious burglaries. Nduna Diamini has captured Manie Ntombela's daughter. Manie was a travelling showman, with a famous performing monkey act - hence Manie's nickname "Monkey Man". Nduna blackmails Manie - forcing him to train his monkeys to commit robberies. Mighty Man uncovers the mystery, captures Nduna's gang, and rescues Manie's daughter. He finishes the story with his favourite drink ... a cup if tea!

2 further stories:
Judo Lessons by Black belt Expert Jonathan Moloko.
Soccer Tips - with Jerry Ndlovu.

No Creator credits listed in the magazine. 

Cover of Issue 14 and Title Page shows "Editor Simon Sabela":
 Splash Page and back-cover ad for "Hit" magazine:
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