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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Supercomix Superman 10

This is Supercomix Superman 10 from 1980 - It reprints the cover and one story from DC Comics' Action Comics 443.

Cover and DC Comics' Original Cover of Action Comics 443 from January 1975:
 House ads for Thor, Tom & Jerry, Spider-Man and Popeye:
 Competition Prize Winners Page and House ad for Hulk:
 House ads for Spider-Man and Tom & Jerry:
Competition Prize Winners:
Clint Eastwood Poster:
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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Supercomix Captain America 2

This is Supercomix Captain America 2 - published by Republican Press in 1980 - It reprints the Classic Stan Lee - Jack Kirby tale: "If the Past be not Dead --" from Marvel Comics' Captain America 107 (1968). 

Here is the cover and Marvel Comics' Original cover:
Chips Poster:
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Supercomix The Invincible Iron Man, Fantastic Four and Captain America

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Photo Story Magazines 5

Thanks to Koos Papenfus for these great scans of rare Photo Story Magazines from his collection.

Contact Koos if you have any for sale or swop:

Koos Papenfus
PO Box 463 Rayton 1001
cell 0833274269
Fax to mail 0867144924
Wit Tier 213 ( Kom saam ruimte toe & Die vloek van Vusaka) and
Ruiter in Swart 445
Captain Devil - Saboteur 267 (Triple cross) and
Die Swart Luiperd 58:
Double Feature 182 and
Louise 40 (Never let me go):

Thanks Mahdi from Readers Den (Cape Town) for these scans.
Visit their website:
Die Mes - Zelna Dia 110 (Dodelike Doedies!!) and
Brute Iron 26:
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Supercomix Superman 5

This is Superman 5, of the South African reprint series "Supercomix", published by Republican Press in 1979.

Cover of issue 5 and DC Comics' original cover of Superman 300 form 1976:
Retro ad for Floro Margarine:

House ads for Popeye & Hulk and Competition Winners Page:

Lynsey de Paul Poster:
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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Koos and the Great Karoo Oil Strike

Thanks to Koos Papenfus for these scans.

Koos and the Great Karoo Oil Strike by Geoff Keays, published by Centaur in 1987.

This humorous comic strip centres around oil discovery on a small farm in the Karoo, with Koos the farmer, Moses his trusted friend, and a cast of others as they seek to restore the area to its pre-discovery tranquility.

Front cover and sample page:

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mimosa Our Fighting Forces 1 Giant Edition

This is Mimosa Comics' Our Fighting Forces 1 Giant Edition. Colour Cover, black-and-white interior pages, 48 pages (published +/- 1963-1964).

Cover of Issue 1 and DC Comics' original cover of Our Fighting Forces 76 from March 1963:
 House ads for Metal Men, Superman, Jimmy Olsen, World's Finest and House of Secrets:
 House ads for Tomahawk, Army at War, Dobie Gillis and Brave and the Bold:

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