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Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Supercomix The Mighty Thor 4 (First Series 1976)

South African Comic Books is Eleven Years Old!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed in the last 12 months ... to have made this blog such a success!

This is Supercomix The Mighty Thor 4 (First Series 1976), published by Republican Press.

Cover and Marvel Comics' original cover of The Mighty Thor 161 from 1969 (Notice how they recoloured the cover, possibly using watercolour paint):

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Thursday, 24 March 2022

Mazela the Mighty 1

This is an original South African comic book, unsure publication date. I suspect 1971-1972 (as there is an advert for Records for sale on the Inside Back Cover, which includes titles released up to 1971). It is published by Preview News ("A Preview Production"), Verwoerdburg. No creator credits. 

It tells the story of Mazela, a young man from the fictional village of Lettsepan. The ghost of his grandfather visits him and endows him with the super power to manipulate objects made of wood. He moves to the city, to fight crime, disguised as Superhero Mazela the Mighty. 

If anyone has more information on this series - please get in touch. 

Front and Back cover:

Centrespread "Tribal Dress":

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