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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Atlas Publications Action Comics 1

This rare South African reprint was published in 1959 by Atlas Publications (S.A. Magazine Co.).
Cover and Interior pages are newsprint - so after being read and swopped a few times they would likely be falling apart and thrown away.
These titles were printed in a smaller size (245x167mm) compared to the original DC Comics title.
Cover and Interior printed in colour.
The printing reproduction from the original was very good quality. This issue is only 24 pages.

Cover of Action Comics 1 South African Edition and the Cover of DC Comics' Action Comics 256:
This South African Edition contains two of the three stories from DC Comics' Action Comics 256:
"The Superman of the Future!"
"The Great Supergirl Mirage!"

House ad for Candid Pinups and Petrinovic ad for Tantalus decimalisation converter game (decimalisation to Rand took place in February 1961):
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Supercomix Posters

Thanks to Trevor Woodside for the scans - Trevor worked at Republican Press in the 1980s - they were able to use the Posters as an opportunity to promote local Alternative Groups:

Posters of Dog Detachment, The Slits, Le Metro Trois:

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Zebra Publications Superman 2

A Wonderful Discovery ...

This is one of the earliest South African reprint comics. Zebra Publications were the first to reprint DC Comics in 1954.

This is Zebra Publications Superman 2 - the cover is taken from DC Comics' Superman 74 from January 1952. It contains two stories, taken from Superman 62 from January 1950:
"Black Magic on Mars!"
"The People vs. Superman!"
Colour cover, Black-and-White interior, 24 pages.
Smaller than the original comic size - dimensions 176mm x 244mm

Here is the cover and DC Comics' original cover:

 Splash page and House ad for Zebra (interestingly comics were for boys only in 1954!):
 House ad showing the other titles produced in this series and Back Cover Retro ad for Kellogg's:
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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Supercomix Superman 22

This is Supercomix Superman 22 from 1982 - It reprints the cover and story from DC Comics' Superman 321.

Cover and DC Comics' Original Cover of Superman 321 from March 1978:
 Kid Colt Mini-Poster and Back Cover House ad for Spider-Man:
 Front and Back of Poster for Durban Band The Divine Monopoly:

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Classic Afrikaans Comic Strips

Thanks to Koos Papenfus for this great selection of Afrikaans Comic Strips (some original, some translated).

Die Arend (originally Buck Rogers by Nowlan & Calkins - these strips from 1959 were illustrated by George Tuska) from Keur 15/01/1960:
Asterix die Gladiator (originally Asterix the Gladiator by Goscinny & Uderzo) from Huisgenoot 10/10/1975:
Die Avonture van Adriaan (originally Garth by Steve Dowling and Gordon Boshell) - from Brandwag 18/03/1955; 26/8/1955; 07/10/1955:
Die Avonture van Gideon - ?translated British comic strip - from Pronk 09/02/1973:
Basie en Lammie (originally Hi and Lois by Mort Walker and Dik Browne) from Rapport 05/08/1979:
Ben de Waal (originally Judd Saxon by Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfield) from Keur 15/01/1960:
Ben en Babsie - original Afrikaans strip - from Brandwag 07/10/1955:
Groot Ben Botha (Originally Big Ben Bolt by John Cullen Murphy) from Brandwag 26/07/1963:

Blits die Baashond (probably a translated British Comic Strip ?original title) from Brandwag 18/03/1955 & 07/10/1955:

Blits Gordon (originally Flash Gordon by Alex Raymond - these strips from 1975 were illustrated by Dan Barry) from Huisgenoot 10/10/1975:

Blondie (originally Blondie by Chic Young) from Vaderland 1940:
Briek Breekman (originally Brick Bradford by Paul Norris) from Huisgenoot 01/01/1960, 04/03/1960 and 25/03/1960:
Bronco Bill (originally Bronco Bill by Harry O'Neill) from Die Jongspan 25/04/1947:

Buks Viljoen (originally Rusty Riley by Frank Godwin) from Die Brandwag 26/08/1955 ; 07/10/1955 and 09/12/1955:
Burgers van die Laeveld - original Afrikaans strip by Steyco (Niek Steyn) from Die Brandwag 12/1975:

Ching Chow (originally Ching Chow by Stanley Link and Will Henry) from Huisgenoot 01/02/1963:

Cisco Kid (originally Cisco Kid by Jose Luis Salinas & Rod Reed) from Dagbreek en Landstem 02/06/1968:
Danie Theron se Verkenner - original Afrikaans strip by Chris Du Plooy - from Die Brandwag 01/01/1960:
Dokter Kwak (probably originally Dr. Smock by George Lemont) from Radio en TV Dagboek 28/03/1976 and 11/04/1976:

Doris die Ontdekker (In Midde-Afrika) (originally Max, L'Explorateur by Guy Herzog) from Huisgenoot 11/03/1957:
Klein Duifie de Wet (originally Little Annie Rooney by Darrel McClure) from Die Brandwag 26/07/1963:
Die Eensame Ruiter (originally The Lone Ranger, illustrated by Charles Flanders) from Die Brandwag 26/02/1960:
Erna op Skool (probably a translated British Comic Strip ?original title) from Patrys March 1963 (Thanks Machiel):

Eski (originally Eski by Alfred J. Buescher) from Jongspan 06/12/1965:
Faan Brand - original Afrikaans Strip - by T.O. Honiball from Jongspan 25/01/1946:
Ferdinand (originally Ferd'nand by Henning Dahl Mikkelsen) from Huisgenoot 11/03/1957:
Fritz Bender - original Afrikaans Strip - by Johan van Niekerk from Huisgenoot 24/05/1968:
Gautie - original Afrikaans Strip by Lou Henning from Rapport:
Gedagtejuweeltjies (originally Figments by Dale Hale) from Radio en TV Dagboek 11/04/1976:

Geheime Agent Corrigan (originally Secret Agent Corrigan by Al Williamson and Archie Goodwin) from Landbou Weekblad 07/03/1972:
Die Goue Been - original Afrikaans Strip - by W. Leendert Akkerhuys from Jongspan 15/02/1946:
Hagar die Verskriklike (originally Hagar the Horrible by Dik Browne) from Huisgenoot 10/10/1975:
Hanlie Eden (originally Honor Eden by Jack Sparling) from Huisgenoot 09/10/1961; 07/06/1963 & 21/06/1963:

Hennie (originally Henry by Carl Anderson) from Vaderland 1940:
Hoe Meer Dae, Hoe Meer Dinge (Dutch comic strip from Marten Toonder Studios, originally Simpelman by Wim van Wieringen) from Huisgenoot 11/09/1953 & 11/06/1954:
Hoe Veldmuis sy Strepies Gekry Het - original Afrikaans strip by Mike Valentine from Pronk 17/11/1972:

Huismoles - original Afrikaans strip by Steyco (Niek Steyn) from Die Brandwag 12/1975:

Jakkals en Wolf - original Afrikaans Strip - by T.O. Honiball form Jongspan 08/02/1946:
Jakkals en Wolf - original Afrikaans Strip by Johann Roos from Pronk 09/02/1973:
Jan van Skipbreuk - original Afrikaans strip by Johann Roos from Patrys 10/1973:

Jet Jungle - original Afrikaans Strip by Dov Fedler from Patrys 13/1975 & 01/1979:
Die Avonture van Kappie (originally Kappie by Marten Toonder) from Patrys 09/1976:
Kaptein Karen (originally Captain Kate by Jerry and Hale Skelly) from Ster 22/11/1968:

Die Kaskenades van Bles - original Afrikaans Strip - by C.P. Mocke from Jongspan 15/02/1946:
Kat-astrofes (originally Heathcliff by George Gately) from Huisgenoot 10/12/1976:
Die Avonture van Kerneels die Kat  (originally Tom Poes en Heer Bommel by Marten Toonder) from Huisgenoot 11/06/1954; 21/05/1954; 15/10/1956 & 30/09/1957:
Kevin die Dappere (originally Kevin the Bold by Kreigh Collins) from Jongspan 14/12/1966:
Knapsak en Klonkie in Mazimba Die Waterman - original Afrikaans strip by A.P. Du Toit from Jeugland #2 (26 March 1947):
Kolletjie - original Afrikaans strip - by Ivan Semevsky from Die Brandwag 01/06/1951:
Kommando - original Afrikaans strip - by Niek Steyn from Die Brandwag 07/01/1977:
Kommandant Kees - original Afrikaans Strip - by J.A. Rio-Neuhof and Johann Roos from Brandwag 15/03/1976:
Koning Leeu  - original Afrikaans strip by Johann Roos from Patrys 11/1973:
Koot Kock (?translated) from Patrys 03/1963 (Thanks Machiel):

Kosie en Kwak and Kosie se Kaskenades (originally Sandy Sleighfoot's Adventures by Jim Unwin) from Huisgenoot 09/12/1966, 28/07/1967, 10/01/1969, 11/05/1973, 11/01/1974:
Die Avonture van Kuifie - Die Tempel van die Son (originally Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun by Herge) from Rapport 05/08/1979:
Lambert die Leeu (originally Lambert the Lion by Disney) from Vonk 01/06/1970:
Die Lenige Ruiter (originally The Lone Ranger, illustrated by Charles Flanders) from Landbou Weekblad 13/12/1966:
Dr Len Roux (originally Dr. Kildare by Ken Bald) from Ster  01/08/1969 & 03/07/1970:

Die Lospers van Bakleivlei (originally Barney Google and Snuffy Smith by Billy DeBeck) from Landbou Weekblad 28/01/1975:
Maans en Jors (originally Mutt and Jeff by Bud Fisher & Al Smith) from Huisgenoot 11/05/1973:

Maansie - unsure origin - from Die Brandwag 18/03/1955; 26/08/1955 & 07/10/1955:

Die Kaskenades van MIEM (originally Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller) from Huisgenoot 16/05/1947:
Miggie die Marsmannetjie - unknown origin - from Pronk 09/02/1973:
Modesty Blaise (original British strip by Peter O'Donnell and Jim Holdaway) from Ster 05/08/1966:

Die Nels (originally Dotty Dripple by Buford Tune) from Die Bradwag 18/03/1955; 26/08/1955 & 07/10/1955:
Die Oerwoud-Boek (originally Walt Disney's The Jungle Book) from Vonk 07/07/1969 (thanks Machiel):
Spioen Olaf Bouwer (Original Afrikaans Strip by Stoffel Pienaar and Len Lindeque) from Dagbreek 22/10/1967. Also: an Olaf Bouwer text story from Die Brandwag 27/10/1961, a few covers of the Olaf Bouwer series of fiction books, and an Olaf Bouwer Photo Story Magazine:
Onrus in die Pylvak - (probably a translated British Comic Strip ?original title) from Huisgenoot 08/08/1969 & 31/10/1969:

Oom Bossie van die Bosveld (?originally Barney Google and Snuffy Smith by Billy DeBeck) from Pronk 17/11/1972:

Oom Kaspaas - original Afrikaans Strip by T.O. Honiball from Die Transvaler 05/09/1940:

Op die Spoor van die Grysbere (originally a Disney comic strip) from Ster 26/11/1971:
Ore - unsure origin from Patrys 01/1979:
Otto (originally Otto by Gerrit Stapel) from Jongspan 20/09/1965:
Ou Pote (originally Marmaduke by Brad Anderson) from Huisgenoot 11/05/1973 & 10/10/1975:
Ou Rooie (originally Redeye by Gordon Bess) from Ster 26/11/1971:
Pantoffel-regering (orginally Bringing up Father (Jiggs and Maggie) by George McManus, these strips were by Bill Kavanaugh and Frank Fletcher) from Rapport 05/08/1979:
Die Pokkels (originally The Toodles by Stanley & Betsy Baer & Rod Ruth) from Jongspan 21/10/1949:
Rakkertjie Rob - unsure origin - from Jongspan 14/02/1966:
Die Rebel - (probably a translated British Comic Strip ?original title) from Huisgenoot 10/04/1970:
Die Regter -original Afrikaans strip by Steyco and Niek Steyn (the story and style are reminiscent of the Italian Comic Strip Diabolik by Angela & Luciana Guissani) from Die Brandwag 21/11/1975 & 07/01/1977:

Roepstem van die Horison (original Afrikaans strip by N.E. Hefer and F.G. Roberts) from Patrys July 1970 & Septmember 1971:
Die Rooi Ridder (originally De Rode Ridder by Leopold Vermeiren, Willy Vandersteen & Karel Verscheure) from Jongspan 14/02/1966:
These are the 8 Die Rooi Ridder book covers, issued in Afrikaans in 1966, as advertised in the above comic strip:

Rupert (originally Rupert by Mary Tourtel and Alfred Bestall) from Huisgenoot 03/12/1976:
Sending van die Noorde - original Afrikaans Strip by Mike Valentine from Pronk 09/02/1973:
Slang van die Soutpanne - original Afrikaans Strip - by Pienaar Smit and Johan van Niekerk from Landbou Weekblad 07/03/1972:
Die Skipbreukelinge Robinson (originally Swiss Family Robinson) from Ster 01/08/1969:

Sors (originally Bozo by Foxo Reardon) from Huisgenoot 11/09/1953, 30/01/1953 & 21/09/1962 :

Speurder Staal [originally Secret Agent X-9 by Bob Smith (Bob Lubbers)] from Huisgenoot 21/09/1962:
Tarzan (originally by Edgar Rice Burroughs) from Rapport 05/08/1979 and from Die Jongspan 14/02/1966 & 02/05/1947:
20,000 Myl onder die See (originally Disney strip 20,000 Leagues under the Sea) from Ster 01/08/1969:

Die Valk - original Afrikaasn Strip by Johann Roos form Patrys 10/1973 & 11/1973:

Die Van der Merwes - original Afrikaans Strip by Paul Lessing from Brandwag 19/03/1975:

Verhale uit die Diereryk - original Afrikaans Strip by Steyco from Die Brandwag 12/1975:
Die Verlore Vasteland (originally The Lost World, by Arthur Conan Doyle, illustrated by Remy Bourles) from Huisgenoot 11/05/1962:

Walter die Wonderman (originally Mandrake the Magician by Lee Falk and Phil Davis) from Huisgenoot 11/03/1957 & 11/01/1964:
Wanneer Reuse Bots -  (probably a translated British Comic Strip ?original title) from Pronk 09/02/1973:
Wat Maak Oom Kalie Daar  (originally Tibi by the Uruguayan artist Geoffrey Foladora, also known as Fola) from Vaderland 1940:
Worsie in die Wildtuin - original Afrikaans strip by Johan Roos from Pronk 09/02/1973:
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