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Monday, 30 May 2011

Supercomix Superman

Thanks to Supercomix Collector Ravi for these great scans of the Superman titles in the South African reprint series of the 70's & 80's.
Contact Ravi if you have any Supercomix for sale:

Thanks Mahdi from Readers Den (Cape Town) for the scans of Superman 6,7,9,12,15,16,17,26,28,29 and 33.

Visit their website:
Readers Den Comic Shop

Here are a range of covers scans. The original DC covers are included in brackets.

Supercomix Superman 1 (Action Comics  419); 2 (Action Comics 449); 3 (Action Comics 437); 4 (Superman 309); 5 (Superman 300); 6 (Superman 301); 7 (Superman 277); 8 (Superman 285); 9 (Superman 314); 10 (Action Comics 443); 11; (Action Comics 462); 12 (Action Comics 463); 13 (Superman 310); 14 (Action Comics 470); 15 (Action Comics 484); 16 (Superman 261); 17 (Superman 315); 18 (Superman 316); 19 (Superman 317); 20 (Superman 319); 21 (Superman 320); 22 (Superman 321); 23 (Superman 322); 24 (Action Comics 458); 25 (Superman 330); 26 (Superman 331); 27 (Superman 333); 28 (Superman 335); 29 (Superman 338); 30 (Action Comics 493); 31 (Action Comics 494); 32 (Action Comics 495); 33 (Superman 332); 34 (Superman 376); 35 (Action Comics 524); 36 (Superman 381); 37 (Superman 352); 38 (Superman 353); 39 (Superman 354); 40 (Superman 355); 41 (Superman 356); 42 (Superman 314).


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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Early blogging!

In the days before the Internet - comics fans got together to produce fanzines. Comics News was a great South African fanzine edited by Edmund Harmse from 1990 - 1995. Here is a Batman article I wrote for Comics News #4 in 1990:

Thanks Mahdi from Readers Den (Cape Town) for these scans. Visit Readers Den's website:
 Readers Den Comic Shop
This is an article I wrote for Comics Collector #6 in 1994:
This is an article I wrote for Comics Collector #10 in 1995:

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Edmund Harmse tribute

Ed Harmse - freelance journalist and illustrator from Port Elizabeth. He collected comic books for many years and had an extensive collection and an excellent knowledge on the subject. He was a true inspiration for comics collectors like myself in South Africa. I corresponded with him for a number of years.
In 1990 he published a fanzine - "Comics News" - Official Journal of the Comic Book Swop Club of South Africa.
This is the first issue - which contained articles on The Flash and Catman.
Issue 2 had contributions from John Wright (also from Port Elizabeth) - John was a professional writer of detective fiction and had also done many plays for radio. He had a comics collection going back to the Golden Age.
This issue had articles on The Green Lama, Zebra/Mimosa/Atlas publications and Tippy Teen. 
I corresponded with him for a short while until his health faltered.

John Wright produced a fanzine called "The Komix" in the 1960s. Here are the covers of issues 1 & 2:

Further biographical information about John Wright:

Mystery File Interview

The Avengers Declassified Profile

Issue 3 had a contribution from Johan Roux (Advertising copywriter from Johannesburg) - he was a well known illustrator and comics fan. He had a full-length strip accepted for publication by Charlton Comics - Scary Tales 40 (September 1983). Johan illustrated an article for this issue titled "What happened to old weirdo?".
Other articles were: Spy Smasher (Ed Harmse), Captain Cross (John Wright), Black Canary (Jaqui Ryan).

Issue 4 was a Batman Special - I wrote the main article "Batman - 50 years on". Ed Harmse illustrated the cover (after Neal Adams natch) and did an article titled "The Universal Batman".
This is the cover:

Thanks Mahdi from Readers Den (Cape Town) for these scans of the covers of Ed's fanzine Comix Collector issues 5-10 from 1994-1995. Visit their website:
Readers Den Comic Shop