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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Andy Capp in Afrikaans

Thanks to Koos Papenfus for these scans.

Andy Capp is a famous British comic strip created by cartoonist Reg Smythe, first published in 1957.

His comic strips have been translated into many languages, including Afrikaans. This book was published by Sonskyn Uitgewers in 1984.

Front and back covers and sample page:

A sample strip from Rapport:

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Supercomix Superman 4

This is Superman 4, of the South African reprint series "Supercomix", published by Republican Press in 1979.

Cover of issue 4 and DC Comics' original cover of Superman 309 from 1976:
 Splash Page and Pussyfoot Poster:

Ad for Nestle Hot Chocolate and Competition page encouraging readers to read Superman, Hulk and Popeye:
 Competition winners pages:
 Competition winners page and house ads for Thor, Spider-Man, Blondie, Popeye and Hulk:

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Mimosa Superman 4 Giant Edition in Afrikaans

Mimosa Comics produced numerous reprints of DC Comics' Action Comics and Superman titles in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Some were translated into Afrikaans. The Afrikaans translation was excellent.

This is Mimosa Comics' Superman 4 Giant Edition. Colour Cover, black-and-white interior pages, 48 pages.

Cover of Issue 4 from 1962 and DC Comics' original cover of Action Comics 268 from September 1960:
 Splash page and Last page with house ads for Afrikaans titles Liefde, Woeste Weste and Superman Giant Edition 3 (Cover matches Action Comics 267):
 Splash page of the Supergirl (Supermeisie!) story with corresponding original English page for comparison:
 Superman translations into Afrikaans are uncommon - apart from these Mimosa reprints, the only other one I have come across is this Americom title from the early 1980's:
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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Keith & Lorna Stevens

Keith & Lorna Stevens created one of the best known South African comic strips, "Ben, Babsie en Familie". It was published in Newspapers, such as "Rapport" and magazines, starting in 1955.

Some of these comic strips were published in book form in 1982. Here are the front and back covers, and a sample page:

Ben & Babsie strip from Rapport 20/10/1991:
The comic strip entitled "Flip Foster" appeared weekly in "The Star" Newspaper, starting in 1968.

Some of these comic strips were published in book form in 1972. Thanks to Koos Papenfus for these scans of the cover and sample page:

Keith Stevens produced comic strips entitled "Vasbyt" for the "Sunday Times" Newspaper, starting in 1980.

Some of these comic strips were published in book form entitles "Bytvas!" in 1988. Here is the book's cover:

Mimosa Detective Comics Series

Mimosa Comics produced reprints of numerous DC Comics titles in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Here are a range of the Detective Comics covers, with original DC Comics cover in brackets.

Mimosa Detective Comics 1
24 pages, full-colour, newsprint stock cover and interior pages, +/- 1959 - possibly first series.

Cover of Issue 1 (Detective Comics 269):
Cover of Issue 2 (Detective Comics 270):
Cover of Issue 3 (Detective Comics 271):
 The following issues could be the second series, as they were published after 1961. 32 pages, colour covers, black-and-white interior pages.

Cover of Issue 4 (Detective Comics 283):
Cover of Issue 5 (Detective Comics 284) and house ads for Rip Hunter...Time Master, Blackhawk, House of Secrets, Superman, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, Mystery in Space, Lois Lane:

Cover of Issue 6 (Detective Comics 312) and house ads for World's Finest, House of Mystery, Batman and Superman:

Cover of Issue 7 (Detective Comics 313) and house ads for Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen and Metal Men:

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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mimosa 55 Days at Peking

This is Mimosa Comics' South African reprint of a Gold Key Movie Comic from September 1963. Black and white interior.

Mimosa Cover and original Gold Key cover:
 Back Cover Pin-up (taken from the film's poster) and The Film's Poster:
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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lou Henning

Thanks to Koos Papenfus for these scans of books by Lou Henning from his collection.

Lou Henning has produced Newspaper cartoons in South Africa since 1973. 
Here are books which collect his comic strips, with South African heavyweight boxer Mike Schutte as the main character:

Ek Laaik Maaik (1986) and Die Vele Gesigte van ... Ou Maaik (1988) and a sample page:

This collection - 15 Jaar se Hal-Lou Daar!  (1998) collects comic strips and cartoons originally published in "Rapport" Newspaper: