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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Unlimited Comics The Incredible Hulk 5

Many thanks to Cal for this picture of  Unlimited Comics The Incredible Hulk 5 from 1983.

Cover of issue 5 and Marvel Comics' Original Cover of The Incredible Hulk 218 from 1977:
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Afri-Comics Mighty Man 13

The thirteenth issue of Afri-Comics Mighty Man, published by Xanap in 1977.

"The Cannister of Doom" is stolen by the criminal named Catnip. He believes the device can turn coal into diamonds. When he discovers that the cannister contains a deadly contagious bacteria - he goes on the rampage, unleashing it in his township. Mighty Man to the rescue ... securing and containing the cannister in the nick of time!

2 further stories:
Soccer Talk.
"How Debt came to Ashanti" - 3 page African Folk Tale.

No Creator credits listed in the magazine. 

Cover of Issue 13 and Title Page shows "Editor Simon Sabela":
Mighty Man ad for Ceylon Tea:
House ads for Afri-Comics Titles "Tales from the Witch-Doctor's Cave" and "Hit" magazine:
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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mimosa Giant Batman 5

This is Giant Batman 5, published by Mimosa (SA Magazine Co) +/- 1963-1964.
It reprints the cover and all three stories from DC Comics' Batman 140 (1961):
"The Ghost of the Joker"
"The Charmed Life of Batman"
"The Eighth Wonder of Space"
 Also reprinted are these two stories from DC Comics' Batman 102 (1956):
"The House of Batman"
"The Batman from Babylon"
Also reprinted is this story from DC Comics' Batman 103 (1956):
  "The Broken Batman Trophies"

48pages,  glossy colour cover, black and white newsprint interior.

Here is the cover of issue 5 and DC Comics' original cover:

House Ad for Mimosa Giant Superman 8 & Giant Western Comics 9:
House Ads for Mimosa Reuse Superman 3 & Woeste Weste 5:

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Unlimited Comics The Amazing Spider-Man 4

This is  Unlimited Comics The Amazing Spider-Man 4 from 1983.

Cover of issue 4 and Marvel Comics' Original Cover of The Amazing Spider-Man 213:
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Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Many thanks to Colin Roets for identifying Bollie's origin. Bollie was originally "Bobo" - a Dutch children's magazine, originating in 1968. From 1970-1994 he was drawn by Italian artist Sergio Cavina.

Bollie is a Comic Strip that has entertained generations of children in South Africa since the 1960s. Bollie starred in the magazines Die Huisgenoot, Sarie Marais, Landbouweekbland and Vonk, before launching his own magazine in 1968.

An ad for Bollie Magazine, from Vonk  05 May 1969:
Many Thanks to Carinne - who has shared the majority of these images. 
Some covers of Bollie Magazine from the 1970s:












After the launch of Television services in South Africa in 1976, Bollie joined TV Wonderland Magazine:







In recent years, Bollie has been redesigned, for publication in Die Huisgenoot (and is called "Bobo" in the English equivalent magazine, "You"):
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