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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Zebra Publications Superman 2

A Wonderful Discovery ...

This is one of the earliest South African reprint comics. Zebra Publications were the first to reprint DC Comics in 1954.

This is Zebra Publications Superman 2 - the cover is taken from DC Comics' Superman 74 from January 1952. It contains two stories, taken from Superman 62 from January 1950:
"Black Magic on Mars!"
"The People vs. Superman!"
Colour cover, Black-and-White interior, 24 pages.
Smaller than the original comic size - dimensions 176mm x 244mm

Here is the cover and DC Comics' original cover:

 Splash page and House ad for Zebra (interestingly comics were for boys only in 1954!):
 House ad showing the other titles produced in this series and Back Cover Retro ad for Kellogg's:
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  1. Do you have any info on the Bobby Cat comic strip by Frances Middleton that appeared in (I think) the old Personality magazine?? (used to be called Radio and TV magazine I think)

    1. Hi Andrew
      Thanks for you interest - yes - I will be writing about Bobby when I write the chronology 1970s post (in the future) - if you don't want to wait or want more info or a sample comic strip scanned - write to me at: