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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Supercomix Spiderman 1 (First Series 1976)

This is a real treat - the first Spider-Man reprint comic book published in South Africa!

This is Supercomix Spiderman 1 (First Series 1976), published by Republican Press.

Cover and Marvel Comics' original cover of The Amazing Spider-Man 116 from 1973 (Notice how they recoloured the cover, possibly using watercolour paint):
 Splash Page welcoming Spider-Man and House ad for Hulk:
Captain Lifesaver comic strip ad for Lifesavers and first page of an original 4-page text story by C.J. Frost (the drawing is copied from the cover of Tintin's "Destination Moon" comic book):
Competition and Letters pages:
 House ad for Supercomix:
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