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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mimosa Batman 22

This is Batman 22, published by Mimosa (SA Magazine Co) +/- 1961.

Possibly as a money-saving exercise, these comics followed the Newsprint Series (see link below), as being printed in Digest-Sized.

It reprints the cover and all three stories from DC Comics' Batman 136 (1960):
"The Case of the Crazy Crimes"
"The Town that Hated Batman"
"The Challenge of the Joker"
Also reprinted is this story from DC Comics' Batman 100 (1956):
"The Great Batman Contest"
 32 pages, glossy colour cover, black-and-white newsprint interior pages.
These titles were printed in a smaller size (187x131mm) compared to the original DC Comics title.
The printing reproduction from the original was very good quality.

Here is the cover of issue 22 and DC Comics' Original cover:
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