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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Afri-Comics Mighty Man 16

The sixteenth issue of Afri-Comics Mighty Man, published by Xanap in 1977.

"A Team of Killers": Mighty Man discover's Mafuta Rakgoale's gang of violent debt collectors. He infiltrates the team, in his everyday guise of Danny Ndhlomo, enabling him to stop the debt collectors' violent streak. Mafuta sends two heavies "The Ripper" and "The Stinger" to attack Mighty Man. Might Man is victorious, and celebrates with a cup of tea!

2 further stories:
Judo Tips by Black belt Expert Jonathan Moloko.
Jerru Ndlovu's Soccer Tips.

No Creator credits listed in the magazine. 

Cover of Issue 16 and Title Page shows "Editor Simon Sabela":
 Splash Page and ad for Hit Magazine:
 House ad for Shaka's Love ~ Pampata:
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