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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Zebra Publications Mantelman Strokiesverhale 2

South African Comic Books is Four Years Old!

Blog Post 400 today ... thanks to everyone who has contributed in the last 12 months ... to have made this blog such a success!

Zebra Publications were the first to reprint DC Comics in 1954.
The English Titles were: Action Comics, Superman & World's Finest Comics
The Afrikaans translations were issued as " 'n Sebra Uitgawe ":  Mantelman (Batman) and Kongo Koot (Congo Bill).

This is Mantelman 2 from 1954. The cover image is taken from the splash page of the first story. The story locations are changed, taking place in South Africa. The alter ego names are changed to Afrikaans names:
Batman (Joos Storm)
Robbie die Wonderkind (Jan Tyssen)
Green Arrow (Jan Olivier)
Speedy (Gys Roux)

It reprints and translates the following stories:
Mantelman: "4 Moordenaars teen Toeval!" = Batman: "4 Killers against Fate" from World's Finest Comics 40 (1949)
Die Groen Pyl: "'n Dag in die lewe van Robin Hood!" = Green Arrow: "A Day in the Life of Robin Hood"  from World's Finest Comics 40 (1949)

Glossy colour cover, 24 pages black-and-white interior. 

Cover of Mantelman 2 and original splash page used for the cover image:
 DC Comics' original cover of World's Finest Comics 40 (1949):
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