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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Atlas Publications

In the late 1950s and early 1960s SA Litho co. reprinted DC Comics titles under the banner of Atlas Publications. Action Comics and Adventure Comics were printed for short runs.

Thanks Mahdi from Readers Den (Cape Town) for this scan. It is an article on Atlas Publications written by Edmund Harmse from his fanzine Comic Collector #10 (1995). Visit Readers Den's website:
Readers Den Comic Shop
Action Comics Covers (with the Original DC Comics's Cover in Brackets):
1 (Action Comics 256); 2 (Action Comics 259); 3 (Action Comics 253); 4 (Action Comics 254); 5 (Action Comics 255); 6 (Action Comics 257); 7 (Action Comics 258); 8 (Action Comics 260); 9 (Action Comics 261) ;10 (Action Comics 262) ; 11 (Action Comics 264); 12 (Action Comics 265); 13 (Action Comics 263):
Another scan of the cover of Issue 4, courtesy of Mahdi (Readers Den Comic Shop):
Atlas Publications Action Comics 5 (DC Comics Action Comics 255 Cover),  courtesy of Mahdi (Readers Den Comic Shop):

Here are Atlas Publications Adventure Comics 1 (DC Comics Adventure Comics 264 Cover);
Atlas Publications Adventure Comics 2 (DC Comics Adventure Comics 262 Cover; Atlas Publications Adventure Comics 3 (DC Comics Adveture Comics 263 Cover); Atlas Publications Adventure Comics 4 (DC Comics Adventure Comics 265 Cover); Atlas Publications Adventure Comics 5 (DC Comics Adventure Comics 271 Cover); Atlas Publications Adventure Comics 6 (DC Comics Adventure Comics 272 Cover) ; Atlas Publications Adventure Comics 7 (DC Comics Adventure Comics 269 Cover) ; Atlas Publications Adventure Comics 8 (DC Comics Adventure Comics 273 Cover) :
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  1. I have Atlas Publications Action Comics No. 9 in good nick, any idea how much it is worth ?

    1. Hi Chris
      Thanks for getting in touch, via my blog - I am more than happy to help - please get in touch via my e-mail at:

  2. Hi there

    I have action comics #3 and #7
    Do you know if they are of any value?


    Bob (bobgreyvenstein@gmail.com)