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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Americom (AC Comics) - The Untold Legend of the Batman

This reprint of the first issue of The Untold Legend of the Batman (DC Comics 1980) was published by Americom (AC Comics) - a company based in Cleveland, Johannesburg (in 1984-1985). I don't remember seeing many titles - so I guess they weren't very successful. I only remember seeing this issue of the 3 issue miniseries ( and the Afrikaans one - "Die Onberekenbare Legende van Batman").
As the titles were to be produced in English, Afrikaans, Zulu & Sotho - they blanked out the original text boxes and replaced them with typed text. I have the English copy - they changed the text to simpler, shorter sentences. What were they thinking? Did they think South African kids wouldn't understand the text? The translation is not very good - some spelling and grammatical errors.
Here are the covers of the Americom reprint and the original DC cover - notice they chose the cover of issue 3 of DC's miniseries (a more eye-catching cover):

Page 12 from the Americom reprint and DC's original - notice the changes to the text:

This is Americom's House Ad from this issue - any collectors out there seen any of these issues?
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1 comment:

  1. Hi George, I found a copy of Rima the Jungle Girl in my collection - the English version in FN+ grade. Not sure if you want a cover scan to add to the Afrikaans cover scan you already have. If you'd like to add it, let me know.
    Take care!