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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Supercomix The Mighty Thor

Thanks to Supercomix Collector Ravi for these great scans of the Thor titles in the South African reprint series of the 70's & 80's.
Contact Me or Ravi if you have any Supercomix for sale:

Here are a range of covers scans. The original Marvel covers are included in brackets.

Supercomix The Mighty Thor: First Series (1976): 1 (The Mighty Thor 158); 4 (The Mighty Thor 161); 5 (The Mighty Thor 162)

Second Series (1978): 1 (The Mighty Thor 224); 2 (The Mighty Thor 225); 3 (The Mighty Thor 226); 4 (The Mighty Thor 227); 5 (The Mighty Thor 228); 6 (The Mighty Thor 229); 7 (The Mighty Thor 230); 8 (The Mighty Thor 231).

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