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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Monsters and Superheroes Quartette Top Trumps Card Game

Many Thanks to Jason Kyle for these pictures.

Fans of The Superheroes Swop Sensation in 1982 and Unlimited Comics in 1983 will remember the centrespread adverts for Marvel Comics Gifts, which were on sale in South Africa. One of these gifts was the "Superhero Trump Cards".

Produced in South Africa by Davbar Games, based in Durban, they also produced the "Super Trumps" card games. It is very likely that the text from the South African set was translated from the text of the German edition. An example that supports this theory is that Marvel Comics' THE GREEN GOBLIN is called "Der Grune Satan" on the German card, whereas the South African card has used a direct translation from German, naming him "Green Satan"!

Visit Thomas Rau's blog to see a copy of the German set here:

Quartets card games were popular worldwide in the 1960s -1980s. Each pack contained 32 cards, divided into eight groups of four cards. Interestingly most of the images in this set match the Marvel Comics cards which featured in The Superheroes Swop Sensation Album, which makes one wonder if they were produced by the same company. The backs of the cards feature a blue colour, with Mephisto's head, and "1977 Marvel Comics".

If anyone reading this has a set for sale - please contact me at:


Advert for the cards, from the centrespread of The Superheroes Swop Sensation:

The cards:

Close-up of the front and back card images:
Many thanks to Damian for these pictures of the AUSTRALIAN SET: "SUPER QUARTETTES: SUPER-HEROES", produced by Momentum:

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  1. 1D picture is:

    1. Thanks Kai!
      It looks like this set was sold in Germany too - do you know any more about it? Do you know of any other countries that produced it?

    2. yes pls german or english?

  2. Hi George,
    I have a set of these cards. They are the Australian edition and are in great condition (three cards have insignificant bends from game play). The original box is in perfect condition. If anyone is looking to purchase the set please contact via thegrandplan2014@gmail.com.

  3. Hey I am looking for the german version as posted over a decade now thanks for post. If anybody sell this or even could send me good quality screenshoots for reproducing it would honour him with a lifetime thanks and more :) hmpx71@gmail.com Martin Pollak -

  4. Wow! I was just randomly looking for this EXACT superhero card set that I used to play as a child with my siblings!

    I remember buying it with my own money at a toy shop in Sea Point, Cape Town (South Africa). Probably in the early 1980s.

    I gifted the cards to my brother as a peace-offering once. I suspect he still has it.

    Nice to find it online, though!

  5. Got full set in exellent condition to sell if someone wants

  6. 1977 marvel super heroes quatettes by momentum exellent condition to sell

    1. hi i would be interested in buying this

    2. i am interested please contact me at 016202@atc.qld.edu.au

  7. Replies
    1. Is your set the South African set as seen in this page post? Regards Marc

  8. I have a question how much would it be to buy???

  9. If anyone has a set to sell pls contact me dewald.lourens72@gmail.com

  10. I have a full set from South Africa it would seem, if anyone is interested they are in perfect condition. My email is a_nschroter@hotmail.com