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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Photo Story Magazines – Die Avonture van Malboer

Fans of Photo Story Magazines from years gone by, such as Ruiter in Swart, Grensvegter and Wit Tier, will be interested in “Die Avonture van Malboer”. This new six-issue series brings Photo Story Magazines back into print in the 21st Century! Written by Johan Jack Smith, from the band Volkspeler, each issue has 60 pages. 

First published in 2011, they are available for purchase from their website, and should be available at CNA and Exclusive Books later. Visit their website:

An adults-only publication, which features the hero Ignatius “Malboer” Bierman and his sidekick Sannie Greyvenstein.  Malboer is tougher than tough (ex-Koevoet operative and SAP-Detective), in a style reminiscent of DC Comics’ Preacher comics. Set in post-apocalyptic South Africa, Malboer wields his duo of Berettas “Kombuis” and “Kerkorrel”, in a bloodthirsty tale of vengeance, hunting down “The Firm” (those responsible for attacks on his family).

The Book’s Motto:
Volksvervlakking is 'n siekte. Ontmoet die kuur.
(Brainwashing the Masses is the disease. Meet the cure.)
Grab your copy now!

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