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Friday, 27 March 2020

Zebra Publications Mantelman Strokiesverhale 7

South African Comic Books is Nine Years Old!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed in the last 12 months ... to have made this blog such a success!

Zebra Publications were the first to reprint DC Comics in 1954.
The English Titles were: Action Comics, Superman & World's Finest Comics
The Afrikaans translations were issued as " 'n Sebra Uitgawe ":  Mantelman (Batman) and Kongo Koot (Congo Bill).

This is Mantelman 7 from 1955. The cover image is taken from the splash page of the first story. The alter ego names are changed to Afrikaans names:
Batman (Joos Storm)
Robbie die Wonderkind (Jan Tyssen)
Green Arrow (Jan Olivier)
Speedy (Gys Roux)

It reprints and translates the following stories:
Mantelman met Robbie Die Wonderkind: "Openbare Vyand Joos Storm" = Batman & Robin: "Public Enemy Bruce Wayne" from World's Finest Comics 57 (1952)
Die Groen Pyl: "'Dood van Blits!" = Green Arrow: "The Death of Speedy"  from World's Finest Comics 57 (1952)

Glossy colour cover, 24 pages black-and-white interior.

Cover of Mantelman 7 and original splash page used for the cover image:
 DC Comics' original cover of World's Finest Comics 57 (1952):
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