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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Photo Story Magazines 3

Thanks to Koos Papenfus for these great scans of rare Photo Story Magazines from his collection.

Contact Koos if you have any for sale or swop:

Koos Papenfus
PO Box 463 Rayton 1001
cell 0833274269
Fax to mail 0867144924
Die Arend van die Oerwoud 16 (Arend van die Oerwoud or The Eagle - The actor being Vonk de Ridder who also played Ruiter in Swart or Rider for Justice as it was known in English) and  
The Bandit!! 4 (Bandit - Typical western series with Mexican-American border as background. El Lobo is a Bud Spencer type playing the fighter for justice): 
 Beau The Untamed 26 (Beau the Untamed - Played by Beau Brummel who was well known for his role as in the movie THREE BULLITS FOR A LONG GUN) and
The Big Iron 35 (Big Iron - Played by Des Gayle, it was a series for motorcycle men with wild woman and wild bike action):
 Bowman 6 (Bowman - Tony Bowman was an Olympian archer. His family got killed by a mad Cuban and he took the trial of revenge) and
Chunkie 11 (Chunkie - Was a man with a telephone connection in his pocket that could reach the mayor or the police chief. He had friend that stayed in the sewers called Sewer Sam):
 Circus 3 (Circus - Great though short-lived series involving Boswell Wilkie Circus) and
Conrad Volta - Operation Q-14 (Conrad Volta - Typical sixties espionage stories in the days when Q agents became known in SA):
 Dr Gyor Tzarov - Die Dokter uit Rusland 4 (Dr Gyor Tzarov - The actor was Martin Pols who became well known as Mark Condor) and
Rex Bullitt - Hunter of Men 1 (Rex Bullit - The actor was Vonk de Ridder who left this short lived series to become the RUITER IN SWART):
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  1. Love this. I used to read Big Iron avidly. Congratulations for putting this together

  2. If anyone is interested in these old books you can contact me on William@dteea.fs.gov.za

    1. Hi William

      I am interested in the old photo story comic books, especially in the action genre. I am interested in buying titles like Kid Colt, Samson, SHE, Chunkier Charlie, Tessa, Grensvegter, Wit Tier, etc.

      Looking forward to hearing from you


  3. Hi,

    I'm looking for Tom Cannonball magazines.

  4. My dad, Vic Hodoul, acted in one of these types of mags- does anyone have any info you could share please?

  5. My dad, Martin Boshoff also acted in one of these books.cant remember the name or year as i was very very young or perhaps not even born yet..i just remember that he showed it to me when i was about 10yrs old...any information would be appreciated please. Email me on sheila.erasmus28@gmail.com