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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A.P. Du Toit

Andries Petrus Du Toit was a South African Cartoonist, active in the 1930s-1950s. 
Appearing in Die Jongspan during the 1930s was a comic strip called "Knapsak and Klonkie", by A.P. Du Toit.  

A Sample strip of "Knapsak en Klonkie in Mazimba Die Waterman" from Jeugland #2 (26 March 1947):
He produced 3 books based on these strips (featuring drawings and text):
Knapsak en Klonkie op die maan (Nasionale Pers, 1942)
Die Klawervier (AP Du Toit Ateljees, V&R Drukkery, Pretoria, 1946)
Knapsak en Klonkie in die land van die Tassieblaar (Nasionale Boekhandel, 1950)
Here are the covers:
In 1939 he published a children's comic book called "Ons Vriendjie" - probably the first of its kind in South Africa.
Other strips he produced for Jeugland:
Willem Wagter
Die Kampioen
Titles of his other strips:
Die Swart Ridder
Uilspeel en die Draak
Rep en Roer
Vuurherd Rympies
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