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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Atlas Publications Prentverhale

A range of reprint comic books, printed by Atlas Publications between 1960-1962 under the banner "Prentverhale" (Picture Stories).

Detective 1: "Die Tronk op Wiele" - possibly "The Prison on Wheels from DC Comics' Gangbusters 54 from 1954. Both Covers:
Detective 2: "Die Speurder en die Breinmasjien" -  possibly "The Brain Swindlers" from DC Comics' Gangbusters 65 from 1958. Both Covers:
Detective 3: "Die Geheim van die Verdwynende Jag" - possibly "The Riddle of the Vanishing Yacht" from DC Comics' Gangbusters 67 from 1958. Both Covers:
Splash Page of the Original DC Comics Story:
Detective 4:  "Die Gevangene in Sel nr. 6" - possibly "The Convict in Cell 6" from DC Comics' Gangbusters 66 from 1958. This issue also publishes a story titled "Die Krismisvader Speurder" which is possibly "Santa Claus Sleuth" from DC Comics' Gangbuster 67 (see above) from 1958. Both Covers:

Romance 1: "Haar Huweliksdag" cover and DC Comics' Original Splash Page image from Secret Hearts 53 (1959):

Romance 2: "Blik op die Liefde" - unsure origin:
Romance 3: "Wanneer Johan Huis toe kom!" - possibly "When Johnny comes Home" from DC Comics' Falling in Love 29 from 1959. This issue also publishes a story titled "Te Mooi om te bemin" which is possibly "Too beautiful to love" from DC Comics' Secret Hearts 68 from 1960.Both Covers:
DC Comics' cover of Secret Hearts 68 from 1960:
Romance 4: "Kroon van Verdriet". Cover and DC Comics' Original Cover of Girls' Love Stories 80 from 1961:
This issue also publishes a story titled "Kroon van Verdriet" which is possibly "Heartbreak Crown" from DC Comics' Girls' Love Stories 34 from 1955. Cover:
Western 1: "Die Held van die Woeste Weste" - unsure origin:

Western 2: "Bont Hans: Baas Spoorsnyer - Skurke in die Bosveld" - unsure origin.
Western 3: Many thanks to Koos Papenfus for these pictures of issue 3: Blits De Wet: "Die Spieel van die Dood!" (Johnny Thunder: "The Glass Doom").Cover and DC Comics' original cover of All-Star Western 114 from 1960:
 Splash Page featuring the story "Fourie van die Vyfde Ruitery: Onheil verskuil in 'n Rooihuid-foto!" (Foley of the Fighting Fifth: "The Menace of the Indian Photograph"):

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