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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mimosa Batman 20

This is Batman 20, published by Mimosa (SA Magazine Co) +/- 1960.

Possibly as a money-saving exercise, these comics followed the Newsprint Series (see link below), as being printed in Digest-Sized.

The cover image is taken from splash page from this issue's third story.
It reprints the the following story from DC Comics' Batman 133 (1960):
"Crimes of the Kite-Man"
Also reprinted is this story from DC Comics' Batman 135 (1960):
"Crimes of the Wheel"
Also reprinted is this story from DC Comics' Batman 134 (1960):
"Batman's Secret Enemy"
 24 pages, glossy colour cover, black-and-white newsprint interior pages.
These titles were printed in a smaller size (162x115mm) compared to the original DC Comics title.
The printing reproduction from the original was very good quality.

 Here is the cover of issue 20:
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